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Earn income by referring friends and helping people along the way.

We've revolutionized the way marketing is done. Join Us


We believe in the power of YOU and there is nothing more powerful than your personal recommendation to a friend. You talk about and recommend everything that you’ve had a great experience with like movies, restaurants, businesses, websites and more. You’ve been doing the basics of what creates success in this business since you were 5 years old. You just never got paid for it! But with the power of the Fortress Opportunity, you can start getting paid to recommend things like how you saved money with your Fortress Memberships.




The most powerful concept of the Fortress Business Opportunity is the ability to leverage yourself and earn passive income. You can only work a limited number of hours per day. But when you partner with a team of people that are all working a few hours a day to make their dreams and goals a reality, you create leverage. And with leverage, your potential with Fortress is unstoppable. Just like Uber® has become the largest taxi company in the world by leveraging car owners, you can grow your Fortress business worldwide by sharing the opportunity.


There is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than earning income while you sleep. With Fortress, your business will grow on its own. This will happen when you’re sleeping, vacationing, at a child’s performance or just relaxing. Once you do a few simple things your business will continue to grow and you will continue to earn.

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